Plant Molecular Cell Biology


The research activities of the Plant Molecular Cell Biology unit are mainly devoted to study cell biological phenomena in the context of plant-microbe interactions. In particular, we focus on the interactions between plants and powdery mildew fungi, obligate biotrophic ascomycetes that cause agrinomically relevant diseases. One of our major interests is to unravel the cellular mechanisms of plant defence, but we are also interested in the molecular details of fungal pathogenicity.

Current research projects aim to address the following core questions:

  • What is the molecular basis of broad-spectrum mlo resistance?
  • What is the core biochemical function of MLO proteins?
  • What is the basis of fungal biotrophy?
  • What is the diversity of powdery mildew effectors?
  • What are the functions of powdery mildew effectors?
  • How do the effectors enter plant cells?