Junior Professorship for Biocatalysis


The research focus of the Junior Professorship for Biocatalysis lies on the application of oxygenases in biocatalysis. These enzymes offer the advantage of catalyzing oxyfunctionalizations of various substrates simply using molecular oxygen as “green” oxidant. We apply different mono- and dioxygenases to catalyze chemically diverse reactions in a chemo-, regio- and stereoselective manner. Besides their biocatalytic application for the production of chemically and pharmaceutically important compounds, we are also interested in the identification of novel biocatalysts by genome mining and metagenomic methods as well as the modification of enzyme characteristics by protein engineering.
Furthermore, we investigate possible limitations and their solutions for the application of oxygenases in biocatalysis in order to increase their attractiveness for industrial applications. Thus, we are studying different possibilities to improve the efficiency of whole-cell biocatalysts by targeted manipulation of host-specific characteristics.

For more information, please visit the homepage of the Biocatalysis group at www.biocat.rwth-aachen.de.