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Leading-Edge Research

The Schwaneberg Group seeks to be at the research frontier in the interdisciplinary field of directed protein evolution by developing novel methods for generating diversity at the gene level, analyzing consequence of mutational biases on the protein level and developing novel high-throughput screening systems that will ultimately lead to tailored-biocatalysts for significant applications in industry. We train our students in the cutting edge technologies of laboratory evolution, biocatalyst engineering and high throughput screening methodologies. We believe in integrating fundamental principles of protein design with environmental awareness in our research and seek to promote international scientific collaborations.

Expertise in Biocatalyst Engineering

We are experts in biocatalyst engineering with a focus on directed protein evolution.


We are developing

  • novel mutagenesis methods (SeSaM: Sequence Saturation Method)
  • computational tools for predicting amino acid substitution patterns based on mutational bias (MAP: Mutagenesis Assistant Program) and
  • novel high throughput screening systems and screening options in 96-well plate format.

Method Application

Based on our core competences in directed protein evolution we apply our methods for

  • improving biocatalysts with significant industrial importance
  • developing innovative product recovery and conversion systems in nm scale (Synthosomes)
  • tailoring biocatalysts used in miniature biofuel cells that act as power sources for implanted medical devices

Understanding Structure-Function Relationships

With our technologies we aim to understand structure-function relationships of mainly oxidoreductases and to solve significant problems in industrial biocatalysis.

Join our Team

Interested in joining our team as internship student, master course student, PhD or Post-doc?
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Based on our diversity methods and screening systems we established a company named SeSaM-Biotech in October 2007. SeSaM-Biotech offers complete directed evolution services for customers and develop mutagenesis kits for researchers. The first mutagenesis kit is a unique transversion biased mutagenesis kit since transversions result in contrast to transitions in chemically "different" amino acid substitutions. Further information about SeSaM-Biotech can be found here.