Recognition of examination performance


*** Anrechnung von erbrachten Prüfungsleistungen ***

There is a new regulation for the recognition of already completed examinations. This is now done upon application to the examination board, "provided that there is no material difference between the acquired competencies and the performance to be replaced" (§ 13 Para. 1 of the RWTH's Overarching Examination Regulations).

We ask you to adhere to the following procedure:

  • Please fill in the form digitally. You will also find tips on how to complete page 2 in the form cabinet. Please note the documents to be enclosed.
  • The Transcript of Records of your Bachelor's degree, which proves the completion of the examination you wish to have credited. For external courses, practical semesters, etc., the reports/protocols must be submitted.
  • The module description in which the examination performance that you want to have credited is described.
  • The module description describing the examination performance to which the credit is to be applied.
  • Please submit this form to the board of examiners. This can be done at the following times or by post.

It is not necessary for you to visit the lecturer of the course taking place at the RWTH Aachen University beforehand and talk to him or her about possible crediting.

We would like to briefly outline the further procedure below:

The academic advisors, the study coordinator and the lecturer will check the applications received with regard to the formalities.
If this is considered correct, your application will be forwarded to the lecturer.
The lecturer will review the content and inform the examination board of his or her assessment.
The examination board decides on the application.
You will receive a notice of recognition or rejection, against which an appeal is possible.
Information on the conversion of international grades can also be found on the corresponding page of the International Office.

Your application may take up to 3 months to process. Please submit your application in good time. You will be informed by email to your RWTH address upon completion of the processing.