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The institute

The newly established Institute of Developmental Biology focusses on the development, plasticity and degeneration of the nervous system.



Neurons are capable of undergoing dynamic remodeling. During development their capacity of dynamic structural changes supports the construction of functional neuronal circuits. In the course of adult life, neurons retain the capability to undergo active structural changes. These support plasticity, including learning and the formation of lasting memories, and also counteract circuit destabilization and degeneration. Utilizing the classic genetic model organism Drosophila, we study the cellular mechanisms that support neuronal dynamics during development and during the animal’s adult life. Our hypothesis is that shared molecular mechanisms control dynamics at both stages.


Current projects

  1. Project: Differentiation of Neuronal dendrites
  2. Project: Developmental assembly of neuronal circuits (FOR 2705)
  3. Project: Neuronal coding (iBehave)
  4. Project: Resilience and degeneration of neuronal axons

Open positions

Motivated candidate students, graduate students and post-docs are always welcome to contact Prof. Gaia Tavosanis.

Currently open positions

  • PhD position, funded by iBehave [link]
  • Post-doc position

SHK jobs

There will be SHK jobs in the lab starting from the SS 2023. Please, contact us if you are interested.



Gaia is an organizer of the EMBO Workshop "Cell biology of the nervous system: Long-term resilience and vulnerability" 2023
Join is in Crete!

Gaia is an organizer of the BonnBrain3 meeting 2023

New publication from the lab: Nitta et al.,



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