Didactics of Biology


The didactics of biology deals with the didactic education and training of student teachers in biology. Here, students are taught subject didactic knowledge and skills so that they, as future subject teachers, are enabled to plan, organize and reflect on teaching and learning processes in a targeted manner and according to scientific findings.

In research, the focus is on applied biology didactics. The focus is on content-related and conceptual development work that is oriented towards direct transfer to schools and the public. In addition, questions are dealt with that are based on empirical research methodology. The results of the research are incorporated into university teacher training and in-service teacher training.

The various projects focus on the following topics:

Didactic preparation of current research topics in biology and biotechnology at Aachen University.
Hochschule macht Schule - Didactic reconstruction of research experiments as school experiments
Promotion of subject-specific working methods at extracurricular places of learning
Bionics as a subject linking subjects - integration into the curricula
Observation of students' behavior on experimentation competence, motivational parameters through interdisciplinary learning, improvement of motivational quality
Conditions for the realization of experiments at the learning location school
The research projects are carried out in cooperation with different working groups of the Aachen biology and biotechnology. The projects also take place in direct contact with pupils, for example in the Biology Pupils University and in the new Melaten Teaching-Learning-Laboratory.

The final theses of the students (doctoral projects, B.Sc. and M.Ed. theses, as well as written assignments in the context of the First State Examination) are an important element of our publications, as they are published especially in practice-oriented journals for biology teachers and their teaching. Journal articles also emerge from practical teaching courses.

Further information can be found on the pages of the Teaching and Research Area Didactics of Biology.