Long-term goals of the Biology Departments at the RWTH Aachen University

In the next few years research in Biology at the RWTH will be concentrated on two areas: ‘The Protection and Transformation of Plant Biomass’ and ‘Neurobiology and Bionics’.

Improving the quality and increasing the quantity of plant biomass in cultivated plants, especially under stress conditions in an environmentally sustainable manner, are research foci within the Aachen Biology Departments. Furthermore, plant biomass is a bioenergy resource that can be transformed by microorganisms to provide ‘Tailor-Made Fuels’ or other raw materials for the production of specialized chemicals. These goals are being pursued in collaboration with the Departments of Chemistry and Engineering.

The research focus ‘Neurobiology and Bionics’ combines molecular-, cell biological- and behavioural-aspects of neuroscience and the application of biological structures.