Gender and Diversity


RWTH Aachen University has set itself the goal of implementing structural equal opportunities in all areas and has set up the Integration Team - Human Resources, Gender and Diversity unit for this purpose, which supports the faculties as a central contact for all gender and diversity issues.

The proportion of women enrolled in biology has been in the region of 60% for years, as well as in the overall group of biology students and doctoral candidates. The Department of Biology would like to further strengthen the interest of female students in this subject. For example, it offers an annual student university in which students who have completed the 10th grade have the opportunity to gain an insight into the different areas of biology through experiments, exercises and sample lectures for one week during the summer holidays. In addition, student trainees in the individual work groups are introduced to the respective field of work in greater depth, provided that current laboratory activities allow this. While still attending school, the Integration Team supports measures designed to encourage girls in particular to approach MINT subjects.