Focus - Neurobiology and Biomimetics


Neurobiology and biomimetics are important fields for current and future research. Research at the Department of Zoology at RWTH Aachen University connects both fields. Neurobiological and biomimetic research topics are pursued by five professors in the Department, one of them a Lichtenberg professorship, and two associated colleagues at the Research Center Jülich. Within the Life Sciences at RWTH Aachen University the participating units integrate research that range from molecular and cell biological aspects to the analysis of complex neuronal systems and behavior, including computational neuroscience approaches as well as biomimetic applications. These fields of research offer a great scientific potential and allow for many fruitful cooperations with the medical sciences and engineering. This network of collaborations shall be expanded in the future in order to foster interdisciplinary research.

Photo: Prof. M. Spehr

Research groups :

Prof. Dr. Werner Baumgartner
Prof. Dr. Peter Bräunig
Prof. Dr. Johannes Bohrmann
Prof. Dr. Sonja Grün
Prof. Dr. Frank Müller
Prof. Dr. Marc Spehr
Prof. Dr. Hermann Wagner