The modular pYT vector series employed for chromosomal gene integration and expression to produce carbazoles and glycolipids in P. putida

Weihmann, Robin; Kubicki, Sonja; Bitzenhofer, Nora Lisa; Domröse, Andreas; Bator, Isabel; Kirschen, Lisa-Marie; Kofler, Franziska; Funk, Aileen; Tiso, Till; Blank, Lars M.; Jaeger, Karl-Erich; Drepper, Thomas; Thies, Stephan (Corresponding author); Loeschcke, Anita (Corresponding author)

Oxford] : Oxford University Press (2023)
Journal Article

In: Microbes
Volume: 4


  • Department of Biology [160000]
  • Institute of Applied Microbiology (Biology IV) [161700]
  • Chair of Applied Microbiology [161710]