Transcriptional response to host chemical cues underpins the expansion of host range in a fungal plant pathogen lineage

Kusch, Stefan; Larrouy, Justine; Ibrahim, Heba M. M.; Mounichetty, Shantala; Gasset, Noémie; Navaud, Olivier; Mbengue, Malick; Zanchetta, Catherine; Lopez-Roques, Céline; Donnadieu, Cécile; Godiard, Laurence; Raffaele, Sylvain (Corresponding author)

Basingstoke : Nature Publishing Group (2021, 2022)
Journal Article

In: The ISME journal
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 138-148


  • Department of Biology [160000]
  • Chair of Molecular Botany [161110]
  • Unit of Plant Molecular Cell Biology [161920]