Substrate-Gated Transformation of a Pre-Catalyst into an Iron-Hydride Intermediate [(NO)2(CO)Fe(μ-H)Fe(CO)(NO)2]− for Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Dimethylamine Borane

Tseng, Yu-Ting; Pelmenschikov, Vladimir (Corresponding author); Iffland-Mühlhaus, Linda; Calabrese, Donato; Chang, Yu-Che; Laun, Konstantin; Pao, Chih-Wen; Sergueev, Ilya; Yoda, Yoshitaka; Liaw, Wen-Feng; Chen, Chien-Hong (Corresponding author); Hsu, I.-Jui (Corresponding author); Apfel, Ulf-Peter (Corresponding author); Caserta, Giorgio (Corresponding author); Lauterbach, Lars (Corresponding author); Lu, Tsai-Te (Corresponding author)

Washington, DC : American Chemical Society (2022, 2023)
Journal Article

In: Inorganic chemistry
Volume: 62
Issue: 2
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 769-781


  • Department of Biology [160000]
  • Synthetic Microbiology Teaching and Research Area [161820]