General information


The office hours of the examination board can be found here.

The next meetings of the audit committee will take place on

  • Thursday, the 28.09.2023
  • Thursday, the 23.11.2023
  • Thursday, the 11.01.2024
  • Thursday, the 07.03.2024

Deadline for submission of applications is one week prior to each Audit Committee meeting.

General Regulations:

Please submit the following matters in time:
- Registration of Bachelor's, and Master's theses (also application for the preparation of an external thesis).
- Application for registration of additional qualifications
- Application for crediting of examination achievements
- if applicable, application for registration for examinations

These applications do not require a meeting of the examination board; they are usually processed within two weeks during normal business operations.

It is in your interest to please submit your application by email at least two weeks before the deadline for submitting applications (e.g. deadlines at the ZPA) during the semester and one month before the deadline for submitting applications during the semester break.

For all other matters and individual applications that must be dealt with by the Examination Committee, please note when the Examination Committee meets during the semester. In order to avoid unnecessary delays in the course of studies, applications should be submitted by email in good time, but at least one week before the meeting date - see dates above.