Additional qualifications of choice

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It is possible to select any module available at the RWTH as an additional qualification for your curriculum support upon request at the ZPA. The most frequently attended modules are already available there and can be selected and registered by you independently. The additional qualifications are ungraded. If a grade has been awarded, it will be listed, but will not be included in the calculation of the final grade.

If you wish to take any modules that are not listed, please contact the responsible ZPA contact person by email and state the module title and module identifier (name + ID from RWTHonline), as well as your matriculation number and your current course of study. You can then register and take these modules (including lectures and exams) regularly via RWTHonline. Only complete modules (!) can be selected, but you can only take one of several exams and get their CP credited. Please make sure to enter the corresponding module name!

You can also have other events not included in the RWTHonline module pool recognised as additional qualifications. These include language courses.Please submit an appropriate application via the Paperless Application System. For the crediting of qualified jobs as student assistants, from the summer semester 2019, corresponding job descriptions of the employer must be provided, which show the acquired additional qualifications - simple employment contracts are no longer sufficient (must, however, also be enclosed). As a rule, only services for which an examination has been completed can be recognised. Additional qualifications can be selected from the entire range of modules offered by the RWTH. For students who have enrolled according to SoSe2017, no services from the module catalogue of their or the consecutive study programme can be used as additional qualifications.

As a rule, your application will be processed within one to two weeks and must be picked up by you at the office of the examination board at the time of submission and collection. You do not have to bring this application to the ZPA, it will be automatically recorded in the system by us. You can expect a processing time of up to 2 months, especially during vacation periods.

Special case: courses of the language centre / writing centre

In the case of courses offered by the Language Centre or the Writing Centre, the ZPA is responsible for registration. To do this, contact your administrator and submit the relevant supporting documents.