FAQ on mentoring


Frequently Asked Questions

With which questions can I turn to the mentoring of the Biology Department?

Mentoring is there to help you with any questions you may have about your studies or your doctorate. Not only study-related questions can be clarified. Mentoring can also help with personal, private or social problems, study financing and much more, or find the right RWTH internal or external advice centre for you.

Mentoring talks are usually very individual. The focus is on you, your individual situation, your questions, your potentials and strengths, and also your challenges in your studies. I take time for your concerns in a one-on-one conversation. Together we reflect on your situation, put thoughts in order, think about possible solutions and perhaps also invite other ways of thinking and approaching things.  We can also consider what additional support services or measures you could take advantage of that would enable you to develop and promote your skills and successfully shape your further course of studies.

How can an appointment be made?

You can easily make an appointment for a confidential counselling session using the appointment tool. To do so, select the Biology subject group in the table. You can access the appointment tool here: https://sharepoint.ecampus.rwth-aachen.de/vo/Mentoring/Terminplaner/SitePages/Homepage.aspx

No suitable appointment available or difficulties with registration? Please feel free to contact me: mentoring.biologie@rwth-aachen.de

How long does a mentoring conversation last?

I take up to an hour for you during each conversation.

May students who have already had a mentoring conversation make another mentoring appointment?

Of course, you decide how often you would like to attend a mentoring meeting. It may be that one appointment is already sufficient or that you would like to arrange one or more follow-up appointments. We decide how much time there is between the meetings according to your individual needs.

What happens to the content of the conversation and my data?

The contents of the conversation are treated with absolute confidentiality.

During the mentoring conversation, data may be collected, naturally only with your consent, which is helpful in identifying the students' most important counselling concerns and forwarding them to the university. This data complies with the DSGVO and is completely anonymous. No personal data of any kind will be collected. The protection of your data is a top priority. If you wish, you can still have your data deleted at any time after the mentoring interview. 

What does a mentoring conversation cost?

The talks are free of charge. 

What is a prerequisite for participation in a mentoring conversation?

The prerequisite for participation in a mentoring interview is that you are enrolled in a degree programme in the Biology Department or have started a doctorate in biology. 

How can I prepare for the mentoring interview?

For the conversation, it is helpful that you ask yourself a few questions beforehand, for example, what you would like to discuss and what the goal of the conversation should be for you, so that we have a good basis on which to build.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Currently, it is possible to get an appointment within one to two weeks. How quickly an appointment can be made depends, among other things, on the current demand.

Where do the talks take place?

The talks take place digitally via the Zoom software. If you wish, I can also offer you an appointment on site in the collection building of the Biology Department. I will send you the exact details of the room with the appointment confirmation.