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Mentoring in the Biology Department

The mentoring programme at RWTH Aachen University was created as part of the "Teaching Quality Pact" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to improve study conditions. Its aim is to provide students with individual support, guidance and encouragement during their studies.
The service expands and supplements the services offered by the student advisory service and the student council.
As a mentor of the Biology Department, I am available to all students of the department as a contact person. My door is also open to doctoral students.
Whether you are a first-year student or about to graduate, mentoring means that you can be individually informed, advised and supported. This always happens personally and confidentially. This means that as a mentor, I am bound by professional secrecy. Furthermore, I do not engage in teaching or examination activities, so conflicts of interest are ruled out.

Regardless of whether your entry into student life is a bit bumpy, you want to work on your motivation, time and self-management or work-life balance, you have questions about study plans, you want to go abroad, you simply need someone to generate perspective or you are currently going through a personal crisis situation, whether you have doubts about your studies or exam nerves, you have questions about study or career planning, you are suffering from underachievement or the upcoming third attempt - as a mentor I am there for your concerns.
My goal is to work with you to identify your challenges in your studies, as well as your personal potential and strengths, at an early stage and to address and work on them in a solution-oriented manner.
As a mentor, I see myself as a dialogue partner and coach for your questions about your everyday study life. In addition, I act as a guide to other counselling centres and services within and outside RWTH.
One of the goals of mentoring is to reduce the high number of students who drop out. Not all dropouts have to be. If you want to study the subject and have the potential to do so, I would like to support you.
In addition, I will provide you with information, for example, on scholarships and continuing education opportunities, and I will work with you to find out what funding is available to help you achieve your individual study goals.


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