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Biology as the science of the living nature experienced an increasing importance as an applied science in the past years.This is especially true for all biological disciplines and levels of analysis. This new importance of biology has been recognized publically through the discussion of fields like Bionics. Biology as a science how it is represented at RWTH Aachen University goes far beyond these publically known topics and includes applied aspects of bioresource management, biomedical science, bioinformatics and biotechnology. These fields are focus academic and research areas at our University. Through the strong technical background of the University, we engage in intensive interactions with engineering, medical and the other natural sciences.

The stong focus on applied topics with the Biology department at RWTH Aachen is visible in the research areas that are covered by our faculty: optimization of CO2-fixation in plants, investigations towards nitrogen fixation and lipid biosynthesis in plants, biohybrid circuits at the crossroads of developmental biology, neurobiology and bionics, increased disease resistance in plants, yeasts and bacteria as model organisms for biotechnology and medicine, behaviour of environmental toxins, safety aspects in research with genetically modified organisms.

Classical disciplines of biology retreat into the background compared to those up-to-date applied research questions.

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