May 2013 - Prof. Hermann Wagner part of the DFG exhibition in the parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia


Prof. Hermann Wagner’s research on the auditory system of barn owls is part of the DFG exhibition Von der Idee zur Erkenntnis in the parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia

On occasion of its 60 th anniversary, the German Research Foundation (DFG) assembled an exhibition that illustrates how ideas become research projects that eventually will be part of our daily life in future and that in turn might trigger new research ideas. To visualize the complex processes of research projects which are funded by the DFG, ten exemplary projects out of 20000 projects per year from different fields of science have been chosen to be part of this exhibition. The exhibition will be on display in the parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia from June 13 th until June 28 th .

Professor Wagner’s project, entitled “Seeing with the ears”, illustrates on three-dimensional objects and models as well as some audio files the sound localization abilities of barn owls and the influence of their facial ruff. The underlying principles of these sound localization abilities might be implemented in unidirectional microphones as well as in autonomous agents suitable for home-care applications in future times.

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Dr. Martin Singheiser and Prof. Hermann Wagner