August 2013 - Water, Not Pesticides: consortium of research institutions investigates "aqua.protect"



Plant protection plays an important role in securing the production of high-quality food. Tools and products contributing to plant protection, however, must be efficient, and their risks and hazards for humans, animals, and the environment are to be minimized. For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection supports a research consortium investigating the effectiveness of a water-based plant protection product.

Led by RWTH Aachen, a consortium of research institutions and companies sets out to investigate “aqua.protect,” an environmentally plant protection product that is safe for humans and animals. The agent is based on water, which is electro-chemically activated and then applied to the plants according to a process under development. The anti-microbial potential of the aqua.protect approach, which is already being used in water and food sanitation against plant fungal pathogens, will now be investigated for use in conventional and eco-friendly agriculture.

Apart from the companies ARGUS Monitoring and Aquagroup AG, the consortium consists of research institutions, including a number of RWTH institutes, the agricultural sciences institutes of the University of Bonn, the Julius Kühn Institute for Biological Control, Darmstadt, and the Dienstleistungszentrum für den ländlichen Raum Rheinpfalz, Neustadt.

The 38-month project, which receives 1.3 million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, is coordinated by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food.


Ulrich Schaffrath

Working Group Leader

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