DNA methylation aging clocks: challenges and recommendations

Bell, Christopher G. (Corresponding author); Lowe, Robert (Corresponding author); Adams, Peter D. (Corresponding author); Baccarelli, Andrea A. (Corresponding author); Beck, Stephan (Corresponding author); Bell, Jordana T. (Corresponding author); Christensen, Brock C. (Corresponding author); Gladyshev, Vadim N. (Corresponding author); Heijmans, Bastiaan T. (Corresponding author); Horvath, Steve (Corresponding author); Ideker, Trey (Corresponding author); Issa, Jean-Pierre J. (Corresponding author); Kelsey, Karl T. (Corresponding author); Marioni, Riccardo E. (Corresponding author); Reik, Wolf (Corresponding author); Relton, Caroline L. (Corresponding author); Schalkwyk, Leonard C. (Corresponding author); Teschendorff, Andrew E. (Corresponding author); Wagner, Wolfgang (Corresponding author); Zhang, Kang (Corresponding author); Rakyan, Vardhman K. (Corresponding author)

London : BioMed Central (2019)
Journal Article (Review Article)

In: Genome biology
Volume: 20
Issue: 1
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 249


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