Quantitative imaging of electric surface potentials with single-atom sensitivity

Wagner, Christian (Corresponding author); Green, Matthew F. B.; Maiworm, Michael; Leinen, Philipp; Esat, Taner; Ferri, Nicola; Friedrich, Niklas; Findeisen, Rolf; Tkatchenko, Alexandre; Temirov, Ruslan; Tautz, Frank Stefan

Basingstoke : Nature Publishing Group (2019)
Journal Article

In: Nature materials
Volume: 18
Issue: 8
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 853-859


  • JARA - FIT [080009]
  • Department of Physics [130000]
  • Chair of Experimental Physics 4 A (FZ Jülich) [134110]
  • Department of Biology [160000]
  • Chair of Molecular Biotechnology [162910]