Sequence‐Defined Heteromultivalent Precision Glycomacromolecules Bearing Sulfonated/Sulfated Nonglycosidic Moieties Preferentially Bind Galectin‐3 and Delay Wound Healing of a Galectin‐3 Positive Tumor Cell Line in an In Vitro Wound Scratch Assay

Freichel, Tanja; Heine, Viktoria; Laaf, Dominic; Mackintosh, Eleanor E.; Sarafova, Sophia; Elling, Lothar; Snyder, Nicole L. (Corresponding author); Hartmann, Laura (Corresponding author)

Weinheim : Wiley-VCH (2020)

In: Macromolecular bioscience
Band: 20
Heft: 9
Seite(n)/Artikel-Nr.: 2000163