Efficacy and safety of ocrelizumab in patients with relapsing‐remitting multiple sclerosis with suboptimal response to prior disease‐modifying therapies: A primary analysis from the phase 3b CASTING single‐arm, open‐label trial

Vermersch, Patrick (Corresponding author); Oreja-Guevara, Celia; Siva, Aksel; Van Wijmeersch, Bart; Wiendl, Heinz; Wuerfel, Jens; Buffels, Regine; Kadner, Karen; Kuenzel, Thomas; Comi, Giancarlo; CASTING Investigators (Collaboration author)

Oxford [u.a.] : Wiley-Blackwell (2021, 2022)

In: European journal of neurology
Band: 29
Heft: 3
Seite(n)/Artikel-Nr.: 790-801